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Dissident Peng Ming Died in Prison, Organs taken

[Reported by Secret China News] On November 29, China’s famous dissident Peng Ming suddenly died in Hubei Province Xianning prison where he was imprisoned. He was 58-years-old when he died. 10 years ago, Chinese agents kidnapped Peng Ming, an American green card holder (US permeate resident), in Myanmar. He was sent back to China and sentenced to life imprisonment for “Organizing and Leading a Terrorist Organization.” Weiterlesen »

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My own experience of Murder and Organ Robbery of Chinese Dissidents

I was almost murdered by the Chinese political police.

During the interrogation of the “Jasmine Revolution” in China, one of them asked me :”You are so kind, working for human rights for others. Have you signed the Organ donation wills?” I said it’s not safe in China, so I didn’t sign it. Weiterlesen »

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