My own experience of Murder and Organ Robbery of Chinese Dissidents

I was almost murdered by the Chinese political police.

During the interrogation of the “Jasmine Revolution” in China, one of them asked me :”You are so kind, working for human rights for others. Have you signed the Organ donation wills?” I said it’s not safe in China, so I didn’t sign it.

A little bit later, while an other security service was interrogating me and I was arguing with him, the first one walked slowly surround me, and kicked my rib suddenly from right back. Fortunately I have practiced Kung-fu since I was a child, so I reacted subconsciously to sink my elbow to protect my right rib. The crash was very lout, two policemen were guarding out of the door, they opened the door very quickly to check what was happening.

I was very surprised, because I have never imagined that they could do such thing. But at that moment I was in the intensive conflict situation against the interrogation and therefore didn’t connected his question about organ donation wills and his kick. After the release – when I saw some dissidents were murdered and their organs were taken away, I understood why he asked me such question and tried to kick me die. [For more details please click]

– The organs of one dissident (his name is Peng Ming) were taken away by the KP, without sign of Organ Donation Wills from him. After the organ taken away, the government has pressed his family to conclude a “after contract” under the name of the family. But the family refused it.

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