Dissident Peng Ming Died in Prison, Organs taken

[Reported by Secret China News] On November 29, China’s famous dissident Peng Ming suddenly died in Hubei Province Xianning prison where he was imprisoned. He was 58-years-old when he died. 10 years ago, Chinese agents kidnapped Peng Ming, an American green card holder (US permeate resident), in Myanmar. He was sent back to China and sentenced to life imprisonment for “Organizing and Leading a Terrorist Organization.”

According to the Free Asia Radio Station: Peng Zhangming, Peng Ming’s older brother who lives in Wuhan, quoted a Xianning prison spokesman on November 30th: Peng Ming suddenly fainted on November 29th when he was watching TV. He died in the hospital after failed medical treatments. Peng Zhangming stated that his brother had an optimistic personality, and his health was in a good state. Peng Zhangming visited Peng Ming every month, and he can’t imagine that his brother to pass away so unexpectedly.

On December 11th, the RFI radio station cited from the American Christian’s “China Aid Association”, that Peng Ming’s organs have been secretly removed recently. The authorities tried to force his family to sign the paper work, but failed to do so. Kanzhongguo’s report states that on December 5, the authorities interrogated Peng Ming’s brother continuously for 6 hours, pressured and threatened him to sign the document. They claimed that they needed to remove some of Pengming’s abdomen muscle tissues for “scientific experiments”.

Peng Ming’s older brother stubbornly refused to sign the said document, but the authorities told him that the opposition is useless. Later they took him to the morgue, where Peng Ming’s corpse was kept, the authority removed the facial covered cloth for just a second, and immediately recovered it. Then Peng Zhangming was told that both Peng Ming’s brain and heart were already removed.

Peng’s family outside China almost collapsed when they heard that Peng Ming’s organs have been removed. In order to see the deceased member for the last time, the family did not publicly announce the heartbroken fact that Peng Ming’s organs had been taken by force.

News station “China Aid” reported that the Chinese authorities allowed Peng Ming’s three children, and his four nephews and nieces to attending Peng Ming’s funeral on December 9th in Hubei.

However, on the eve before Peng Ming’s relatives’ fight to Mainland China, the Chinese authorities suddenly backtracked on them.

On December 10th, the authorities issued an emergency notice to Peng Ming’s relatives in the mainland. The authorities forced them to inform their relatives in the United States, Canada, and Sweden that due to “foreign interference on Chinese internal affairs”, only one designated family member is allowed to enter China, while other family members need to cancel their tickets, and they are prohibited to enter Chinese boarder.

The president of the China Aid Association, Pastor Fu Xiqiu, expressed his condemnation against the Chinese authorities for ignoring the basic humane moral principles, and for deliberately toying with the family’s show of greatest goodwill and patience while they’re heartbroken.

He calls for the international communities, especially for the United Nations, and countries where Peng’s families are living as citizens: United States, Canada and Sweden, to immediately take action, and intervene against Chinese authority, because their actions have violated many international human right laws set by the UN, violated the Chinese laws that protects the citizens’ rights (which the authorities wrote and promised), and denied their citizens basic human rights.

Pastor Fu Xiqiu fought for Peng Ming’s relatives’ and children’s right to organize and attend Peng’s funeral in China without official interferences, and to bring Peng’s personal belonging back home.

Secret China News report points out the fact that Peng Ming’s skeptical “death due to heart diseases” contains heavy symbolic importance. If the international communities have no power to sanction that villainous government who disregards its citizens’ lives, then there will be more “Peng Ming”s in the near future. The previous ignorance on the death of Li Wangyang, Qian Yunhui, Cao Shunli, eventually led to Peng Ming’s tragedy.

Peng Ming was the CEO of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, and the Chairman of the Beijing Urban Construction Group.

In June 1998, he founded the “China Development Association”, with independent intellectuals as its main members. The association was eventually banned.

In September 2000, Peng Ming fled out of mainland and founded the “China Development Federation” in the United States. He promoted freedom, democracy, equal votes, and the ending of the one-party autocracy in Mainland China.

In May 2004, Peng Ming was kidnapped and sent back to China by Chinese agents in Myanmar.

In October 2005, he was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Wuhan court for “organizing and leading a terrorist organization.”

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