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Menschenrechte Chinas-D Menschenrechte für China e.V. (NGO Human Rights for China) was registered in Nuremberg in Germany by Nuremberg District Court and was recognized by the tax authority as a non-profits organization. This means donations are tax-deductible.

Its purposes are:

1, to translate and publish Chinese human rights cases

2, to host events on China’s human rights worldwide

3, To donate and support the human rights movements of China.

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Name of the organazition: Menschenrechte fuer China e.V.

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[With German Subtitles] The documentary film about Liu Dejun was kidnapped, tortured and threatened to be bury alive or shoot to died by the Communist Party security service. It is made by the famous artist Ai Weiwei. (When the film is not clear, please choose the best quality – 480P.)

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  1. Michael Kreuzberg

    I am happy that Dejun Liu is save now and continues to fight for the human rights and freedom in his country. Let´s support him and all other brave people fighting against the dictatorship of communism all over the world. Make pressure to the European countries to end the soft policy against the Peoples Republic of China! Michael, Germany

  2. 老师您好,我是大陆律师胡正军。愿意付费报导,向境外同胞求助。大陆控制媒体,不准报导“负面”新闻,我不怕入狱,拜托同胞们帮我发声!我的控诉帖子地址:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siI1nylpCOk&t=649s,因我目前仍在深圳居住,之前为了自身安全计,视频中有不反共的说法,纯属无奈,可以删去。


  3. 美国政治制度3 | Freedom Initiative - pingback on 19/07/2018 at 11:18

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