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Erinnerung im Traum an meinen als Kind gestorbenen Bruder

Ich habe frühmorgens im Traum an eine meiner Erlebnisse gesehen. Mein Bruder, der im Alter von vier Jahren wegen dem vom Arzt oder von der Krankenschwester falsch eingesetzten (Intravenösen)Tropf gestorben ist, war mit mir im Hof von meiner Tante fotografiert. Damals war er vielleicht 2 Jahre alt. Dies Erlebnis habe ich schon seit langer vergessen, weiß nicht warum ist heute frühmorgens aufgetaucht. Ich habe meine Schwester gebeten, meine Tante zu fragen, ob dies wirklich geschehen ist, wenn ja, ob das Foto noch da ist.

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Updated: Li Wenzu visits husband Wang Quanzhang in prison

Updated on June 28, 2019, at 3:04 p.m. with a personal account from Li Wenzu. Translated by Wang Qiaoling.

(Linyi, Shandong—June 28, 2019) Li Wenzu, wife of imprisoned Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang, has met with her husband in prison.

The meeting was reportedly conducted via phone as Wang sat behind a glass window. Wang’s son and sister were also present. The meeting represents the first time Li has seen her husband since he was taken into police custody.

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universe in ancient chinese language

Since ancient time in Chinese Language universe (Yu Zhou) means not only all the materials, but dimensions and times. Yu means Dimensions, Zhou means Times. Buddhism has deeper explanation, which most people don’t understand.

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[Video] Terrible German dormitory kitchen VS Chinese school

This is going virus!Terrible German dormitory kitchen VS Chinese school canteen

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[Film] 800 Heroes 看电影,学英语,了解国军抗日事迹


 中華民國战争片,以四行倉庫保衛戰為題材,导演和编剧都是丁善玺,主演陈鸿烈、柯俊雄、林青霞、张艾嘉、秦汉、金汉、徐枫。19 继续阅读 »

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[Video] Students of Marxism Society are detained in China

Such ironic! Chinese Communist Party orders teachers of Peking University to illegally detain Students of Marxism Society, and the teachers embezzled the fruits and bread from others students, which should be given to the detained students.

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Chinese police accused of brutality by kneeling on woman’s neck – next day she thanks their ‘sincere assistance’

  • Furious reaction online to footage and woman’s claim of ‘near-death experience’ after calling police saying she had been ogled at hotel
  • Police statement a day later says woman has been ‘educated on common law’, then she posts second statement praising officers
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[Video] It’s not fake news of the French terrorist

A French friend said this terrorist were a fake news, because he were handcuffed while he was rushing out of the store. I chekced every singel frame but cannot find any evidence of handcuff. His hands 继续阅读 »

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[Video] Vortragen meines Textes und eines Gedichtes von Wang Zang

Heute 10.12.2018 haben ich in Erlangen eine Veranstaltung von Amnesty teilgenohmen, um Menschenrechte aufzurufen, weil heute Weltmenschenrechtstag ist. Ich habe einen Text von mir und ein Gedicht vom chinesischen Dichter Wang Zang vortragen, das Dicht wurde auf Deutsch sowie Chinesisch vorgelesen.

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China Steps up Nationwide Crackdown to Silence Twitter Users – the Unmediated Story

Yaxue Cao, December 5, 2018


If you have been with Twitter’s simplified Chinese community long enough, you know it’s nothing new that handles disappear and in some cases the persons behind them go to jail – it’s a freedom tunnel that the Chinese Communist regime is leery of.

But over the last few months, and still ongoing 继续阅读 »

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Vorschlage eines Gespräches mit Youtube

Sehr geehrte Damen/Herren,

ich glaube Youtube hat es falsch gehandelt. Bei unsrem Kanal geht es um das brutale Herrschen der chinesischen kommunistischen Partei (更多…)

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请大家到大赦国际的网站上签名抗议谷歌与中共合作为恶。 Google’s CEO wants to trade internet freedoms for profit.Take action and tell @sundarpichai do the right thing and #DropDragonfly (更多…)

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今天大家不是在争论汉字废存的问题吗?请看这个视频,国外人的研究还是很深入的—— (更多…)

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【英语,中文字幕】,演讲者为当年推翻南斯拉夫独裁统治的革命运动组织者与领导者。这是他在波兰的演讲。 (更多…)

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Jack Poulson,加拿大,斯坦福大学助理数学教授,原谷歌高级研究员,因抗议谷歌计划在中国推出审查版的搜索引擎,两个月前辞职。上个月他给美国参议员写信说谷歌的做法 “ 不道德 ”。 这个视频是他接受 CNN 采访,驳斥自己的前上司、谷歌 CEO Sundar Pichai 关于 “ 蜻蜓 ” 项目的讲话 “ 非常不诚实 ” (更多…)

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请直接看视频纪录: (更多…)

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[Video] 17-years-old killed Japanese communist Party leader, saved Japan from Red Disaster

17-years-old killed Japanese communist Party leader, therefore saved Japan from Red Disaster.

17岁英雄刺杀了日本共匪头子,从而拯救了日本!仔细看镜头,这个共匪头子在开始时有一个下意识的撤退动作,但又停了下来继续发言。看来是天要来他啊。中国人就没这么好的福报,上天没有让共匪被灭掉。现在需要靠我们自己来付出代价、展开行动了。 (更多…)

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Chinese social media platform WeChat used to buy votes in Canada

With just a week to go until B.C. goes to the polls for municipal elections, serious allegations of electoral interference have been raised in the province’s four largest cities. (更多…)

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今天应一位LBGT权利活动人士(没法确定其身份认同是男还是女,虽然我们认识很久了。其本人倾向于“无性别”)请求,为他们的活动寻找一些中国性别自主权利运动的纪录片。在我的印象中,中国似乎没有这方面专业的纪录片。但大大出乎意料的是,非常多,而且有不少带英文字幕的。 (更多…)

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[Video] Sweden TV warns Chinese communists not to shit in museums and restaurants

Sweden TV warns Chinese communists not to shit in museums and restaurants – Responding to Chinese tourists scandal in Stockholm (second video below). The first video was blocked after 2,5000 clicks on Youtube, I strongly believe that the Chinese Communist Party bribed the related parties.

共匪的收买力很强啊,我把加了英文字幕的视频发到Youtube上,点击达到两千五百时被全世界范围内封禁了。 (更多…)

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