More than 50 thousand workers stage strike at massive Dongguan shoe factory

Video 1. We can’t heard what they talking about, but while the police speaking, the workers keep shouting “No!”

Video 2. Protesting unpaid social insurance and illegal labor contracts, thousands of workers in Dongguan peacefully marched toward the city government. But riot police were waiting for them and proceeded to physically disband the march–ChinaLaborWatch

At least 50,000 workers at shoe-making factories owned by Yue Yuen Industrial in Dongguan took to the streets Monday 14 April 2014, protesting the company’s failure to pay its 70,000 employees their full social security and housing fund contributions.

Workers swamped the basketball courts inside the dormitory area holding banners that read: “Pay back the social security and public housing fund! Shame on Yue Yuen’s illegal activities!” — China Labour Bulletin

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