Peaceful Revolution - A Proposal for Sending Flowers to CCTV Campaign

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Earlier this morning, I dreamed that everybody sent flowers to CCTV, the Communist Party had no more power to send troops and suppress the mass, the dictatorship crumbled, and China became democratic. Therefore, I propose that all of us should just present flowers peacefully, no objections, no protests, no memorial words, just quietly set down flowers, stand silently, and make the Communist Party unable to repress us unscrupulously under the world’s stare. We can also give flowers to the riot police, and discuss the various problems in China with them. But do not have the attitude of “instilling” and “teaching”, because it will offense them, and they will feel that you’re tricking them. Some police have the basic sense of justice, and some of them are smart people. They will immediately recognize right and wrong with some simple reminders, and recognize which side they should be with.

In those years, the democratic revolutions against the brutal Communist dictatorship in Czech, Poland and other countries succeeded in this peaceful way. If citizens like us do not spend some time, energy, even the price of a little liberty to fight, even when the communist party have to reform themselves due to the pressure of their perish as those who “hope the Communist Party will self-improve” said, but China still can be turned  into another Russia: the corrupt Communist officials will transform into the new government officials; national security agents will assassinate reporters and the citizens who expose the dark truth; Communists can help “Chinese Putin” by bribing, intimidation, violence to control voting.

During the flowers sending campaign, it’s also very important to encourage more people to participate. If only a few people participate the campaign because we fear to be warned or interviewed by national security agents, it will not form the scale effect, and achieve the wanted impact. Advertisement can be carried out in various ways: it can be appealed to the online public, advertised in public events such as parties, celebrations, academic discussions, or promoted privately among our acquaintances.

When people have a common goal and pay a relatively low price for the action, it is easy to form a continuous action, and there will be more participants.

See the photos, Xi Jinping also presents the flowers.


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