A Report on Guo Feixiong Being Tortured

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Guo Feixion has been imprisoned twice. He was sentenced to 5 years in jail from 2006 to 2011. He has been put into jail since August 8, 2013, serving a 6 years sentence. He has stayed in 6 detention centers and prisons, been interrogated over 200 times, occasionally multiple times per day. Sometimes he had to be arraigned on a stretcher.

During his first imprisonment, in Meizhou Prison and Shenyang secret detention facility, he suffered the following tortures: (Roughly Estimated):

  1. He was interrogated consecutively for 13 days and nights without sleeping.
  1. He was forced to wearing ankle fetter for over 100 days.
  1. He was bound to a wooden bed for 42 days with his arms and legs crossed shackled so that he could not bend his body.
  1. The interrogator plucked out his hairs, itched and insulted him for over 20 days.
  1. He was hooded and brutally beaten at the secret detention facility.
  1. He was put on the “tiger bench.”
  1. His arms were tied behind his back and he was suspended from the ceiling by his wrists, with only his shoulders to support his entire weight.
  1. The interrogators electrocuted his genitals with a high-voltage baton.
  1. He was detained together with the death row inmates who threatened to gouge out his eyes. He had to break a window and use the glass to fight against the prisoners.
  1. In Meizhou prison, he was beaten up in front of hundreds of other prisoners, kicked to tumble down the stairs. The beating didn’t stop until the all the prisoners requested to stop.

Since he was secretly arrested on August 8, 2013, he suffered from the following torture for two and a half years in Guangzhou Tianhe detention center:

  1. He was not given enough food and had no access to sunlight for a long period of time. The prison cell was humid and crowded, accommodated prisoners twice of its population capacity; each prisoner got less than one square meter of space.
  1. During the two and a half year, he was never exposed to the open air, and had no physically exercise.
  1. He was hooded, handcuffed and wearing ankle fetters. Because the handcuffs were deliberately set too tight, they cut into his flesh and his wrists were injured. The ankle fetters were so tight that the blood vessels were damaged, causing his left leg went numb for over two months. Later, the bailiff stomped and injured his foot.

In Yangchun Prison, he suffered from the following tortures:

  1. His rights to medical treatment had been infringed: On April 26, 2016, it was known that Guo had bled in the stool for about one year. In Yangchun Prison, his mouth and throat were intermittently bleeding, Guo and his family repeatedly demanded the prison authorities to give him medical examination and treatment, but all of their demands were declined. Guo Feixiong was finally admitted to the Yangchun Prison Hospital On April 7, 2016. On April 19, a large amount of blood appeared in his stool. It was difficult for him to stand up or walk when the guards required him to do so. Guo was admitted to Yangchun Prison Hospital for 28 days, but he wasn’t given any medical care. The prison authorities let him fend for himself and die.
  1. After a hunger strike protest was started to support Guo Feixiong by the outside world, he was transferred from a small 4-person cell to a even smaller 12-person cell.
  1. He was forced to shave his hair.
  1. invasion of privacy: the prison authorities forcibly gave him a rectal examination, recorded the process, and threatened him to post the video online.
  1. Guo was commanded to squat down with hands clasped behind his head “like a worm (Guard language)” every time saw a prison guard.
  1. After Guo Feixiong began a hunger strike to protest the ill treatment, the authorities continued their abusive gestures.
  1. The prison authorities seizured the letter from his children for 4 months.
  1. The infringement of visitation right and the right to counsel: The prison authorities only allows the family to visit him once a month. Guo’s attorney, Ge Yongxi, requested a meeting with him but was rejected; another attorney, Zhang Lei, met Guo once, but about 2 minutes later, the meeting was forcibly ended.
  1. The right to life and health continues to be violated: After one month of Guo Feixiong’s hunger strike, he lost about a third of his weight before his arrest. Guo’s old sister’s demand to visit him and persuade him to stop his hunger strike was willfully rejected. From June 13 to 15, she demanded three times to visit his brother and persuade him to eat, but all were rejected by the prison authorities, and she was stopped outside the prison.

Guo Feixiong has been on a hunger strike for 61 days, and no one knows his current health status. It has been 19 days that the world lost their connection with Guo. Guo Feixiong once said: “I was beaten up harshly In the Meizhou Prison. But, in here (Yangchun Prision), I may lose my life.”  The practice of Yangchun Prison determined that Guo Feixiong’s worries are not unnecessary.






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