Zeronet: Encrypted and authenticated P2P Websites, served by you

The idea is actually basic: website content hosted by users throughout the zeronet network.

Zeronet relies on bittorrent to serve all the website content. When a user visits a website, they download an encrypted list (like a sitemap) of all the actual files needed to render a local copy of the website (e.g. the CSS, javascript, content, etc.). After verifying this list, they begin downloading all the files. They then start seeding the website to the network, so other users can download the site too, greatly increasing download speeds.

This makes Zeronet censorship-resistant. Websites can’t be shut down because they are hosted by multiple users, and anyone can start serving as host. Users are also constantly interacting with a local copy of the website, so even if users aren’t connected to the internet, they can still see the most recent version of the website.

All website updates are encrypted and authenticated with the same methods used in bitcoin. Site locations and files names are hashed, and only those with encryption keys can verify site contents and updates. When a user requests a site, they will verify they are downloading a legitimate copy of the website. When the owner wants to update the site, all users verify the new version has been signed by the site owner and download it. For multi-user sites, all updates are time-stamped, so as everyone constantly updates, comments and conversations are threaded according to when the comments were actually made.

Zeronet itself does not conceal identities: users IP addresses can be seen. However, Zeronet does work with Tor, so users can enjoy as much anonymity as this provides. As the network grows, it will also become more difficult to identify site owners among all the site hosts.

Zeronet will also support multi-user sites, such as forums – in which multiple users can upload new content. Site owners can enable others to update site content in specific ways, such as posting, commenting, and replying.

The network uses Namecoin’s decentralized DNS system to register domain names.

To use it need to install the zeronet client in mobile phone or computer:
Android cellphone: Computer versions:windows: Mac: Linux 64bit: Linux 32bit:
After the installation, one website of ZeroNet will be automatically opened, please click this link then to get how to use it:

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