WeChat is monitoring you, people are arrested for “private chat”


Freeport iyouport posted the signature McCaffrey titled “WeChat is monitoring you” article pointed out that WeChat’s biggest threat is the full occupation of the entire social operating machine, because it has too many functions; when you do not have it, you will have trouble in daily life. This is a malicious kidnapping.

It knows where I am going and how I go there. WeChat has occupied every aspect of Chinese people’s daily life. WeChat provides a “hot map” of the geographic location of almost all users.

WeChat is the ultimate goal of data centralization. The more data it has, the more effective it becomes and the easier it is to enter new markets.

Research by data intelligence company Seagate and IDC Group recently announced that China will have 27.8% of the world’s data by 2025, compared with 17.5% in the US.

In a 2016 report on user privacy, Amnesty International pointed out that due to lack of freedom of speech and lack of end-to-end encryption, WeChat’s security rankings are at the bottom.

People are often arrested for sending messages in “private” group chats. WeChat’s data protection law is open to the government.

In China, privacy rules are designed to limit private companies from collecting data and profiting from it. The Chinese government reserves the right to use it for political purposes, such as maintaining stability in advance of public protests.

Super centralization makes life more convenient. But it also has the potential for fraud. It is difficult to measure how many WeChat accounts are attacked by hackers each year.

In addition to sharing data with the government, WeChat is launching digital ID card. Every Chinese citizen will receive an ID card.

It is like a domestic passport and is required for national hospital, booking train, domestic flight, or bank transaction. In Guangzhou, the provincial government has launched the WeChat ID card and plans to launch it across China.

WeChat has been spreading the lie carefully designed by the CCP. It is a nuclear weapon that exceeds the limit.

The review article by Gobidong said that the Chinese who have immigrated to the United States for many years believe that the protesters of the Hong Kong anti-delivery movement are “Hong Kong independence mobs”, and the source of this news is WeChat.

In the past few months, almost all information about Hong Kong on WeChat is exactly the opposite of what we know. WeChat blocks everything that can convey the truth, and people are used to receiving unidentifiable information on WeChat.

The article points out that when people using WeChat are spread all over the world. The CCP, sitting at the headquarters of Tencent, easily use WeChat to spread all kinds of well-designed lies, cover up the truth and deceive the people who have been tied up by WeChat, and make them foolish, impulsive and becoming the destructive force to attack the democratic society.

WeChat is not only a social software, but a war weapon for the CCP’s internal crackdown and external attacks. WeChat is an important real weapon claimed by the CCP for the international community’s over-limitation war, because its dependence and amazing use of crowd data have become as terrifying as nuclear bombs.


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