Toufu Workshop Owner Stabs Urban Management Officer to Death in Self-defense

According to the “livelihood Watch”, a human rights website’s reports, last month in Beijing Chaoyang District, Chuiyangliu Street, Wang Shuangcai was in a conflict with an urban management officer Wang Zhiqiang, the officer was severely injured, and died soon after being sent to hospital.

The Chaoyang District Public Security Bureau, suspected Wang for Intentional Injury, and arrested him.

Wang Shuangcai told his lawyer, Huang Hanzhong, about the incident. The last month on the 18th, he encountered the urban management officers when he was carrying tofu with his electric tricycle cart on the street. Being told that the billboard on his tricycle cart does not compliant with the regulations, his tricycle cart was detained by the officers, although he was allowed to keep his belongings, including his wallet. He followed the urban management officers to the gate of Shuangjing urban management office, when Wang Zhiqiang, a member of the urban management team, snatched his wallet from him, beat him and caused his right arm injured and he soon fell into a coma. He called the police after he woke up, but the police told him to call the urban management office and file a complaint, however, no one in the office answered the phone.

The next morning, Wang Shuangcai went to the urban management office by bike with two tofu knives, he tried to reclaim his tricycle cart. He found the urban management officer who detained his tricycle the day before on Chuiyangliu Street. The officer told him that they need to settle this case in his office. Suddenly, Wang Zhiqiang appeared, and he threatened Wang Shuangcai to let go about his wallet. Soon, they were involved in a conflict; Wang Shuangcai used his knives in self-defense during the process.



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