The story that I met God

I was born not as a christian. Religions were destroyed by the communist party regime. But there is a old church which was built by foreigners before the communist party’s ruling, it stands in the city center, but was expropriate by the government. One Sunday I saw a notice, that the Mass will be took place in the church (The Building was party return to the christian who unter the government’s control). Then I went in and listened the Mass.

On the end all the people knelt to pray. I knelt too, but I was not a christian. So I said to God in my mind:”God, if you really the God, the ruler of our universe, please give me a sign.”

On Monday, I was visiting a company, a begger, who looked very old and weak, came inside and said:”I’m very hungry, please give me some money for buying food.” The other reprimanded him to go out, but I said:”Don’t reprimand him, I’m giving him money.” Then I went out and gave him some money. He said:”Thank you very much!”, I answered it’s nothing to thank.

Suddenly he looked not thin and weak anymore, but very strong, said:”You are my brother. you are my youngest brother.” I didn’t understand why he talked like that. Then he suddenly knelt and said:”I return your kneeling, I return your kneeling.” I couldn’t stop him, because he was so forceful, then I knelt to him too. He looked me in the eyes very deeply. I understood it then, that he is giving me a sign.

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