Rough Information of the event “Hongkong” in Germany

Hello, thank all of you, that you are interested in the situation in Hongkong.

I have taken part in the demonstration in Hongkong twice. The demonstration were always very peaceful, even a little bit zu quiet.

(Generally people in big Chinese culture circle are very peaceful.)

They have always been demonstrating or protesting for democracy, for human rights, for justice very peacefully.

But the demonstration or protests are not reported in China mainland, because of the censorship, there are always some Chinese people can break through the Great Firewall, one tool for controlling the internet, and spread the news about Hongkong protest, but alle social media in China are censored, so it can reach only few people, the most people in China don’t know these protests. But they love Hongkong and like to travel to Hongkong. Hongkong is one symbol of freedom and prosperity, kind of similar to Taiwan. Even the propaganda of the state media says that all democratic countries are evil capitalism, but Chinese people know what is good, they like to travel to these countries including Hongkong and Taiwan.

This time, the protest in Hongkong has been a long time and millions people have participated, many international media are watching and reporting it, so the world knows what happening in Hongkong, and criticize Hongkong government and China central government. And the news are spread into mainland, but not widely, because of the internet censorship. Some people from Chinese mainland went to Hongkong to join the protest.

Chinese regime wants to prevent the influence of Hongkong protest, so the state media published many false information, call the protesters rioters. Many people don’t have access to the true information outside of China, but they don’t trust the communist party, but they are under the pressure of the government, it has army and police, so they can’t not speak their real opinion.

Some people are wondering, why in the social media, such as Chinese twitter, which is called Weibo and Wechat, you can see only the comments as same as the state media, like calling the protesters as rioters, and praising the violence of the police. This is because of the internet censorship. You can read it on twitter, which is not censored by China government, some people have posted some words supporting Hongkong protest in private friends or family groups on WeChat, and they were arrested and forced to write a commitment, that they won’t post anything about supporting Hongkong protest.

This is same in abroad, Chinese students in other countries are also under the pressure of Chinese regime, they must be care for, because most of them will back to China after the study. Some students in Australia and Canada, in the USA published their opinion for supporting Hongkong protest, then their family, friends, old classmates are forced to call them, to write them, to warn them, that they should not do this. If someone insist publishing support Hongkong protest, his parents could lost their jobs.

Als I was in China, I helped many people to fight for their rights, so people know it will be safe to tell me their real opinions, they said the communist party is the worst, they are exploited and repress, so they don’t trust its any propaganda, and hope it will be overthrown as soon as possible.

In China there are also many demonstrations, about 10 years ago, one Chinese official institute (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) issued the statistics of demonstrations in China every year, the last published statistic is around 120,000 Demonstrations or protests in 2008, because the number of demonstrations, Chinese government calls them „group events“, increases rapidly, so the academy of social sciences stoped to publish the concrete number of the demonstrations in every year. Last year in its report, even didn’t mention about „group events“.

So the people in China understand why Hongkonger protest and what they protest for. Just last week, in one small town in Guangdong province, neighbor of Hong Kong, the Government cheats residents to sign for agree with building one Ecological park, in fact the Government is building a crematorium [ˌkriməˈtɔriəm], in China, if there is a crematorium, around many kilometers will smell all the time the burning of humans bodies. So the residents protested, they were also repressed by police with tear gas, but they fight back against the police, even used fireworks. Yesterday, the government, interesting is, not the mayor but the Party secretary, of the communist party announced that the crematorium will not be built for ever, and all the arrested protesters are released.

Actually I’m not optimistic about the situation in Hongkong, many videos show evidences, that China government sends soldiers into Hongkong in Hongkong police uniform. I guess the protest will be brutally repressed, while the western are watching.

About the concentration camps in Xinjiang, it’s really a Humanitarian disaster. International institutions reacted very late. I think they didn’t believe that happens in 21 centuries in China. They don’t know, that the Chinese communist party doesn’t have sympathy. As I came into Germany I said to the director of reporter without borders that the Chinese communist party will do what Nazi has done, he was very surprised for hearing that and refused to believe it. Recently many countries and international institutes criticized China’s policy in Xijiang, but Chinese communist party is good at using human’s weakness, to bribe some people with money, some politicians, academics, such like sinologist and journalists, to speak for it. I think until it were overthrown, it won’t stop the current policy in Xinjang and Tibet.

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