Recommended Dark Markets Review List


Please keep in mind that these sites do sometimes have temporary down time – if any of these links aren’t working then just try again later or pick a different site.

Dream Market

Dream market is well established site with a solid range of products across most popular categories you will find on the deep web. It seems to load quickly unlike others which can be slow and cumbersome, and it is very easy to use. It is also well established and reliable, but has few additional features and uses only the admin provided escrow service. When you sign up the site generates a PIN number for you in addition to the password which you provide.




This is a European site, but with worldwide shipping it is open to buyers from pretty much anywhere. Its invite only, so you will need to use the special link provided below or you can’t get in. They have a huge range of drugs including prescription / pharmacy medication for conditions like ADHD (Ritalin, Adderall etc), painkillers, anti-depressants, Viagra and other items.



The Real Deal

The Real Deal features multi-sig escrow with the choice of using an external bitcoin wallet, or a wallet created on the site using client side key generation, which means that the site’s admin’s never get access to your private key and so cannot disappear with your coins – even if you create a wallet using their site. This dark market is popular for hacking / cracking software and information, but also has listings for drugs, weapons and other products. Offers a choice of mobile phone or PGP based two-factor authentication.



Crypto Market

Mostly used for drugs, but also some other products and services. You choose your currency, then prices are displayed in that currency when you are shopping. Offers a nice section with special deals and free samples from vendors whio allow you try a small sample of their product if you pay for the shipping costs. Admin escrow only.



Middle Earth Marketplace

This marketplace has a good range of products and seems to have a very wide range of drug listings. Its a pleasant site to use, but doesn’t offer multi-sig or altcoin payments. It uses Javascript by default, which many consider to be a security risk, but you can choose to disallow this from your TOR browser.




Wide range of products and multi-sig option as well as admin escrow service – although not all sellers accept multi-sig purchases.



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