Please pay attention to this Human Rights issue

To Whom It May Concern

International human rights organizations

I am Xiquan Qin, an Australian permanent resident; my mobile phone

number and email address are as follows: 0061-434231831, and

This letter is to let you know that I would sue Chinese security in Guilin

Guangxi Province that seriously infringes the basic human right for the

reuniting of my family.

My wife, Ms Xihong Cai, ID: 450322197304246529, and my son,

Nianrong Cai, only 10 years old, ID: 450303200306260012, my

daughter, Niankai Qin, 8 years old, ID: 45032200601260529, They

are now living at 701/40 Zhongshanzhonglu Guilin City, Guangxi

Province R.C. China. Their telephone number is +86-773-2100183,+86-

On 22 February 2014, the DIAC issued Australian PR visa to my wife

and my children. We expect the family reunion as we haven’t seen each

other for more than 4 years. However, when my wife went to the police

station of Guilin City to enquire immigration matter on 23rd

2014, she was told that her passport had been cancelled by the security

office of Guilin City PR China. They refused to give my wife the reason

for cancelling hers and children’s passports. A security officer with a

staff number 300308 said: “We won’t give any gist for the cancellation

of your passport”. Furthermore, the security officers don’t allow my

family members to come to the police station again, otherwise they will

As we think our children are still in childhood and they won’t be

forbidden to leave China to join with me. We then booked air tickets

for my kids that the trip would not be accompanied with adults. On 5th

March 2014, our kids went to Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou, Guangdong

Province, and did check in for the flight of CZ301 that would take off at

8:20am and fly directly to Sydney. However, when they were led to the

security checking with the staff of Southern China Airline, their valid

passports were cut using scissors by the security officer without any

March 2014, I wrote to Chinese consulate General in Sydney to

ask Chinese government to allow my family members to be reunited.

I appealed Chinese government not to bereave our family reuniting

right—the basic human rights, however I have gotten not any response.

At the same time, my wife also went to Guilin Qixing district court

to sue the policemen in Guilin City on 14th

application was rejected.

After my wife and my children were forbidden leaving China, we have

tried various ways to contact/communicate with police in Guilin, China,

and requested them to give the legitimate reason to prohibit our family

being reunited. So far we haven’t received any reply yet.

Here, I would stress that it is seriously crime that the family reuniting

right of my wife and my children is infringed. The activity of police in

Guilin has also breached the UN pacts—Protect Women and Children

Pact, and the World Human Rights Pact that have been signed by

Therefore, I appeal the international human right organizations to have

an attention in this case.

I am grateful for your help in advance.

1, my family’s Australian visa.

2, our family photos.

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