My mother was probably murdered by Chinese government

To all who care about human rights and justice. I must share a sad news with you. This morning, my mother was hit and killed by a motorcycle today at the door where she was working.

There are a few suspicious circumstances that point to a suspected murder:

1, About 3 months ago, the pig, which my parents bred, was poisoned to death(According to the diagnostic result of the veterinarian);
2, There are two brake thresholds on the road near the door, all vehicles are therefore forced to drive slowly;
3, Two months ago, a Chinese who now has the citizenship of Taiwan (he probably works for the Taiwanese Secret Service) has called me and said that my parents should come to Germany immediately;
4, My Sister just told me yesterday, she wanted to fly with my parents to Germany to visit me;
5, I’ve written enormous about peaceful revolution and the concrete steps. For this reason, I was often threatened with being killed on the Internet;
6, Especially after the death of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, I wrote very much and very committed, called for peaceful revolutions;
7 It has happened several times that the Chinese government killed the dissidents’ family members to persuade the dissidents to attend the family member’s farewell. If they can not, they can threaten the other dissidents.

So I think it was a murder.

– Dejun Liu

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