Imprisoned Zhu Yufu Hopes that the Foreign Democratic Activists still Concern and Help Their Mainland Counterparts

Zhu Yufu, a Hangzhou pro-democracy activist, has been detained once, jailed for three times since 1989, and still imprisoned currently. Zhu Xiaoyan, Zhu Yufu’s younger sister, was in San Francisco recently, calling for foreign democracy activists to pay attention to her brother. She said that Zhu Yufu was so touched when he heard that oversea people are concerned and helping the mainland pro-democracy activists.

Zhu Yufu, a 63-year-old, led and participated the Hangzhou Democratic Wall Movement in 1979. In 1989, his home was searched and he was detained for 27 days because he supported the Beijing Student Movement. When he helped preparing the Democratic Party of China in 1998, he was sentenced to 7 years in jail for “Subverting the State Power.” He was sentenced a 2 years imprisonment for “Obstructing government administration” in 2007.  2011, after he wrote a little poem, “It’s About That Time”, that’s related to the 2011 Chinese pro-democracy protests (Chinese Jasmine Revolution), he was arrested again, charged with the crime of “Subverting the state power” and was sentenced to 7 years in prison on February 10, 2012.

Recently, Zhu Xiaoyan spoke in an assmbly of Chinese democratic movement activists and human rights activists in San Francisco: “since 1989, I remembered that our home was constantly searched and the police are constantly breaking in. My brother has been jailed for three times. In his second imprisonment, his son Zhu Ang was arrested and sentenced with him. My brother is a scholar, who just commented on the current social phenomena, but he was persecuted by the Chinese authorities over and over again. Now his family, especially his son and daughter, experienced mental health problem because of their father’s situation. As their aunt, my heart aches for them.”

Zhu Xiaoyan is currently living in Los Angeles. In 2013, she decided to let go of everything she had in Mainland China, and came to the United States to call for his brother’s rescue. She said, “From the visits in the past, I felt that my brother was always a very tough and determined man, and he always told us not to worry about him. ‘I am ready to stay in the Communist party’s prison until the day they perish’ he said. But the last time when I visited him, he looked very weak, and his spirit has been destroyed. That visit broke my heart, and I decided to go aboard and call help for him. Otherwise, He would surly die in the Communist Party’s prison.”

Zhu Xiaoyan said that Zhu Yufu, who endured an enormous amount of sufferings in prison, only wishes to know that the foreign democratic activists are still concerning and that they are helping the democratic political prisoners and prisoners that’s punished for their conscience.

Zhu Xiaoyan said, “Every time when I sent the message by my sister-in-law to tell him that the foreign activists are helping China’s pro-democracy activists, he was always very excited. Whenever he heard such information, he was moved to tears. My sister-in-law told me that he did not care about himself very much, as long as the foreign forces are helping Chinese Democracy Movement, then his imprisonment was worth it.”

The third time Zhu Yufu was arrested and sentenced was because of his poem “It’s About That Time.” What does this poem say? Zhu Yufu’s poem says:

It’s about that time, Chinese citizens! It ‘s time for the Square to be ours

Feet belonging to no one but ourselves

It is time to go to the Squares on our feet and make our decision;

It’s about that time, Chinese citizens! It’s about that time

For the songs belong to us

Lungs belonging to no one but ourselves

It’s time to sing the songs in our heart with our lungs;

It’s about that time, Chinese citizens! It’s about that time

China belongs to us

Decisions are made by ourselves

It’s time for us to make the decision for China’s future.



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