Human rights lawyer was attacked by Shandong government


Attorney from Beijing, Yang Zaiming, attacked by Government Demolition Office in the Shandong Province

August 30, 2016, Yang Zaiming, a Beijing law firm Director, and Attorney Yuan Manman were on a business trip on Jinan City because of a house acquisition case for the Jinan Central Business District’s old city transformation project.

In the morning of August 31, 2016, director Yang and attorney Yuan were giving legal advice to several clients in the Waku Teahouse, that’s located on west side of Yanshan overpass, in Lixia District, Jinan City.

During the consultation, 14-15 unidentified men and women suddenly broke into their compartment. They wanted Director Yang, and threatened to kill him. 5-6 strong men surrounded Yang, one of the men trying to stab Yang on the stomach with a knife. However it missed and landed Yang’s arm. A woman kept throwing pots on the windowsill and cups on the table at Yang in the same time. Later, when the conflict got more intense, they forced Yang from his compartment and dragged him to the hall, causing Yang to fall down a few times during the process.

Later, Yuan called the police. When the police arrived, everyone have fled from the scene, except a demolition office staff Liu and the woman Xu.


According to the description provided by the clients, in the mob of people, 4-5 were government demolition office staff; 2-3 were relocated residents, and rest of the group were unidentified.

This case has been accepted by the police department of the Lixia District, but the facts about this event were still under investigation.

This event have led to Director Yang’s following injuries: the cut on his arm was two inches long, and it was deep enough to reach his bones; his right leg cannot sustain his body weight; it was suspected that his ligament nerve in that leg was damaged.



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