Chinese asylum seeker in Thailand looking for help

To: UN Headquarter, UNHCR and all international human rights organizations
Re: SOS from Chinese Refugees in Thailand.
On July 8th 2015, despite opposition from over the world, the government of Thailand deported 109 Chinese asylum seekers, under the pressure from the Chinese communist government.
Since then the Chinese communists have been telling the world with their propaganda media that the deported were criminals, terrorists, or even potential ISIS soldiers. The purpose for those propaganda is just to punish them, persecute them or even execute them. If UNHCR and the international community do not take action to stop such thing from happening again, China will ask Thailand to deport more Chinese refugees, in the name of international cooperation, or stop illegal immigration. More of such action will result in another major humanitarian disaster.
Chinese refugees in Thailand suffered persecution due to their race, faith, political opinions, or simply because they joint some political group. They were just seeking liberty, justice, or basic human rights. Now they have abandoned their family, come to a country where they have no relatives, no friends, no any connections. Unfortunately, the evil communists dictators disregard all international rules or agreement, their propaganda has been very deceptive. They use tricks such as bribery or threats to force Thailand deport Chinese asylum seekers.
We are facing grave danger that the Chinese communists will take us back China from Thailand. For this reason, we 300 political dissidents, racial persecution victims (mainly Uygur) and Falungong practioners, united together to make this urgent appeal to UNHCR and all the world, please help protect our basic human rights, help us from this grave danger of inhuman deportation.

Chinese asylum seeker in Thailand.
July 14 2015.

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