About my father hasn’t received the deserved pension

My father Zhu Yufu (朱虞夫) has been released in March 4th, 2018, however after cruel political persecution, the authority began the unreasonable economic sanction on him. Without money and the right to choose a hospital to get medical treatment, he is left high and dry.

The pension insurance institution should consider it as a contract and promise since they have received all the money my father paid. My father had been sent into prison for persuading democracy and freedom, the freedom of association, freedom of speech, which are empowered by constitution for three times, the time of prison accumulate to 16 years. He is tortured by shortage of livelihood at the age of 66.

As his daughter, I am very anger and helpless. I strongly condemn the Chinese government ignore the international law of human right and oppress my father in different aspects with inhumanity. I also appeal to Chinese government, stop persecuting my father any more.

My father began to pay the pension insurance since 1993, there were two parts—paid by his company and paid by his own. In March 2000, he was discharged by public employment because of his sentence. From 2003 to February 2013, my mother paid his pension insurance monthly, accumulated to 15 years and 10 months. According to the pension policy, 15 years is enough to get the pension benefits.

Now my father should be qualified. However it has been already 5 months since my father was released; he still hasn’t got a penny. My father protests strongly against such villainous barbarous behavior which ignore his livelihood, deprive his pension without any reason. The authority delayed again and again, they claimed ”still coordinating and researching” for his livelihood! My father even want to go back to the prison, since they at least provide 3 meals a day there. As his daughter, I feel extremely anxious. If the authority keeps refusing to give the pension, we hoped they can at least return the money we have paid for over 15 years. But the authority also refused us by ”there are no any regulations about refund”.

This is clearly a personal crackdown and attack for his different political opinion. In June my father went to related department several times to appeal for this thing, however he experienced a very ‘strange’ motorcycle accident and hurt his left leg badly, and his lumbar disc herniation was recurrent, he had to lay on bed for over a month. My father was treated with great cruelty in prison for so many years, his health condition is extremely bad and he has many kinds of cardiovascular diseases.

When he was in prison, my mother(a pharmacist and a nurse)was forbidden to give him any anti-hypertensive drugs, and he was forced to take unknown drugs in prison. Meanwhile he was deprived of all the legitimate rights(can not go out of his cell, can not see sun, can not talk to anyone).

After released, he had heart attack in the midnight for several times which made my mother very worried, and he also found pain at the kidney and liver areas. The authority only allowed him to go to designated hospital, but that hospital said my father is totally healthy without doing any basic examination. We all highly concern about what would happen if his body is steadily deteriorated, but we cannot do anything to change the situation.

A friend of my father sympathized with him for his dilemma, he wrote a book ”The art life of Zhu Yufu”, to introduce my father’s learning process of artistic skill with famous artists when he was young, and to hope my father can make a living by selling his calligraphies. But the authority knew this thing by monitoring my father’s WECHAT in phone, and came to his home to threaten him in July 30. My father has been fighting for democratic freedom since late 70’s. He fought hard, left his own life out of consideration.

We believe anyone with conscience would express great sympathy and commiseration for him, a famous prisoner of conscience. As a citizen of the United Nations, my father hope the United Nations can come out to help him, hope all the justice-upholding organizations and activists in the world can issue the strong voice,against the persecution that Chinese government did to my father!

Zhu Yufu’s daughter: Zhu Li (朱利)

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