A letter to western governments with regard to China’s long propaganda arm

By Joseph Shi

China’s long propaganda arm had officially reached Canada.

Dear xxxx

Please be aware that China’s long propaganda arm had officially reached Canada.

According to China’s national CCTV report on January 28 2018, (see http://news.cctv.com/2018/01/28/ARTIUre6XdOORuYyu6fEmoTL180128.shtml ), China’s Communist Party had sent a propaganda team to Canada from January 24th to 26th, met with Canadian politicians, MPs, to advise Canadians how great the Communist Party’s Agenda is.

on the video, Mr. Peter Donolo, Justin Trudeau’s adviser, could be seen.

This type of propaganda team usually sent to China’s provinces, to draw a guideline for local governments. This time they do this to Canada, it becomes disgrace for Canadians.

Please show your concerns to the government, and make sure this won’t happen again.

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