A sad story: pre-owner of Pig-staunch

?It is not a novel, it’s real. 12th May 2008 there was a serious earthquake, more than 36.000 children died because of bad quality of the school buildings, Chinese didn’t allow foreign rescue teams come to China to save people, but sent armies 3 days later. They didn’t know how to rescue from a earthquake, just used excavators and shovels to dig. They could just save few people, but for propaganda they found a pig and braucht it to a special building to keep it till now.

They even named it “Pig-staunch”. It has two rooms and a team to take care of itself, with veterinary. Its pre-owner, a 70-years-old pair, are but very poor, they must work every to survival and have not money for medical care if thy are sick. They want to visit “Pig-staunch” but don’t have money to buy the bus tickets. They told media: ” Pig-staunch is lucky, it is taken care of staffs and gets medical care, I have lived fo 70 years and have never experienced like this. I’m a little bit envying it”. ?

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